"When we purchased our home, we immediately began researching companies in the area to install a whole house filtration system. The water had a slight unpleasant odor with an occasional green and brown appearance. We didn't want to drink the water let alone bathe our children in it since the municipal city water supply is known to contain various chemicals, medicines and other harmful contaminants. After heavily researching AMAC as well as other popular companies, we decided to give AMAC a try. We were impressed with the amount of filters and intricate attention to detail in the assembly and filter arrangement.

It is the best constructed filter system that we've ever seen. After installation and pipe sanitation, we immediately noticed a difference in the appearance and purity of our water. Our water was refreshingly clean, healthy and wholesome. While our neighbors, who did not have Al's system, continued to report having an odor or a tinge in color, our water remained untainted and tasted magnificently. The system works flawlessly and is extremely simple to maintain. Our neighbors jumped on board when they compared their water quality with ours. It's a shame that the city's water quality is so unhealthy, but that is why we have an AMAC whole house filtration system. We recently relocated again and purchased another system from McDonald Filtration (formerly AMAC). We had the option to bring the system from the house that we sold, but were advised by realtors that leaving the system increased the value of our home. We sold our house in 4 days! We are convinced of the superiority of this system over the competition and are lifelong customers! If we relocate again, we would purchase another system in a heartbeat."

Richard & Lydia Newsom

I have been using Al McDonald's whole-house water filtration system for at least six years. We LOVE IT! It keeps our water clear of debris and additives that are common in municipal water systems, including chlorine and its derivatives, and our water is crystal blue. We began with a smaller system, doubled it later, and then added a pump to boost water flow, so now we have more water than we had before installing the filtration system. I wholeheartedly recommend this system to everyone, but especially to those with children or those with health issues. We first learned of Al's system when our children were experiencing a succession of different maladies, from ear infections to eczema, to urinary tract infections. In our efforts to eradicate any household causes, we cleaned out our A/C ducts, got rid of harsh chemicals (manmade cleaners), and cleaned up our water with Al's products. It worked! Our children no longer are plagued with those problems."

David Moore

We have Al McDonald's water filtration system in our house. We can see and taste the difference. When our neighborhood has complaints of brown water it does not effect our house since we are on McDonald's filtration system. Al puts his customer's first when servicing their water systems. We are pleased with Al McDonald's water filtration system and the continued quality of water that we receive through this system.

Lorie Alexander

"I was one of those people who ended up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and eventually Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, diagnosed in 2002 from mold intoxication. I had no choice but to find a good source of water and to protect myself from the water coming into my home. I had known Al and Sue McDonald for many years as educators, distributors of Mountain Valley Spring Water, and water filtration experts. They care about you, your home, and your environment so you can live toxic free. They saved my life! I just upgraded my home filtration system after 8 years and would not go elsewhere. Your system and service are personalized just for you. Al is an expert in the field of water filtration. You can put your trust in him."

Nanette Tashnek MSW, D.PSc

"I have one of the filters changed every 3 weeks, but that may not be necessary to do it that often. I just like to make sure most everything is out of my water before it comes into my house. That means my showers, tub and faucet water is clean to bathe and drink. I just had my water checked by a national water testing company and it came back with NO chorine, chloramines, VOCs or fluoride. In order to have all that removed, you need to spend some money. Most don't get out fluoride as it's difficult to remove. But Al McDonald's system does remove all I mentioned. I have proof if you need it."

Virginia Wilson

"Alan and the incredible team at McDonald have now done 4 systems for our family. The difference in our McDonald filtration system is remarkable. The water is so blue and feels so good on the skin. Best addition we ever made to any home. Just put it in Lake Travis house, unreal, thanks"

Kevin Foxx

We're so happy with our filtration system installed by McDonald Filtration that we can't imagine living without the system. Our water source is very dirty. Before the system was installed, our water was yellow/orange color. Now we have crystal blue water when we fill up our bathtub. We couldn't be happier!

Hande C

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