McDonald Filtration Systems

Whole-House Water Filtration System

We are very concerned about the health effects of chemicals that are in today's water supplies and our exposure to these chemicals through contact with our household water. As a result, Alan McDonald, the former owner of AMAC Water Products, has designed, after years of research, a whole-house filtration system (WHFS) that does a remarkable job of removing contaminants from the water.

As a chemist, Alan understands what a lot of these chemicals are capable of doing once they enter the bloodstream after we absorb them either through our skin or during inhalation while bathing or showering...and he feels very strongly that these chemicals should be removed prior to the water entering our homes.

In McDonald Filtration WHFS, all of the water goes through each of eight filters, housed in seven filter housings. In brief, here is a listing of the various filters and what they do:
1) A 1 micron sediment filter to remove sand, dirt, sludge, glass, rust and bacteria.
2) A special type of carbon to remove chlorine, chloramine (the disinfectant used in most water treatment facilities today and very difficult to remove), problematic chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
3) A duplicate of 3) above.
4) Combo filter (this is a dual filter, the first part of which removes fluoride and the second part of which removes excess ammonia, created by chloramine, and radioactive alpha particles).
5) Ultra-filter to filter out sub-micron particles and viruses.
6) An extruded block carbon filter that excels at removing VOCs, including herbicides and pesticides.
The seven filter housings are mounted on a very strong, custom stainless steel bracket that is then attached to the outside of your house or inside your garage.

The resulting water, after having gone through each of the above filters, truly has to be seen (and felt) to be believed. The color of the water, instead of being beige (try filling your bathtub and take a good look at the color of your water) is now a gorgeous pale aqua. After your first shower, your skin and hair are soft (many skin conditions totally disappear) and you literally feel better; the longterm health benefits can only be guessed at...but we think they're pretty substantial.

At a price of only $4600.00 and it includes installation!

We think this is one of the best things you could ever do for your health. If you have any questions or would like to order one of our systems, call McDonald Filtration at 713-539-9988. Ask for Alan McDonald. He'll be glad to help you.