Offering Non-Contractual Service Agreements

Contact us to set up a water treatment service agreement in Houston, TX

Water filtration systems need to be maintained regularly in order to work their best. That's why McDonald Filtration Inc offers convenient water filtration system maintenance in Houston, TX. When you sign up for our water treatment service agreement, we'll provide you with regular quarterly maintenance.

If you need help more than once a quarter, we're happy to provide it. If you need help less frequently, we can come by less often. Contact us today to learn more about what works for you.

Enjoy peace of mind that your filter will always work properly

By signing up for a water treatment service agreement with McDonald Filtration, you can get peace of mind that your water will always be safe and clean. We'll help by:

  • Sending a technician to inspect your system once a quarter
  • Checking each filter to make sure the flow rate is unimpeded

We're passionate about what we do and knowledgeable about the science that goes into it. Reach out today to discuss your water filtration system maintenance.